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Author Topic: Plans- Future Updates/Changes.  (Read 234 times)

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Plans- Future Updates/Changes.
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2017, 02:31:48 PM »
Remove Teleports for Farm main zone.
Remove teleports for PvP Main zone.
Instead of those add commands to farm and pvp but every X Hours the zones will be different.
I think this idea is perfect for everyone that is getting bored or will , in future.
I will add 1-2 Zones for now and in future more will come.It will be fun.

Class Change future plans:

1)Remove Max DMG on frenzy and make him somehow playable without dmg restriction.
    1 tiny example , perhaps when u open frenzy a Speed decrease takes place so we kinda balance the skill and the DMG vs Every single class ofc. I will not let it open for example 8k On tank and 8k On mage because if you have everything C6 INT provides the dmg is Even More.
 I'll Do my best about this change.

2)Make Gladi playable , while on PvP Mode the DMG are not so high but the sustain becomes Higher SO:
 we have 2 Classes fighting a long PvP time game.Of curse in mass pvps nothing of what we change is guaranteed .You may die instant from a party ,  it doesn't mean server or classes are unbalanced because most of the players Judge the balance while mass pvping and some Judge the balance while being in arena, Yes it's most likely loose an Archer vs 1 mage in arena because archer is build to run and hit ,that's how it works , i see lately all the archers playing Melee and pming the staff.. for balance issues :) while archer hits 3k Without epics.

I've seen in most servers i've personally checked they balanced the DMG-s mage/archer and not classes.
Some classes loose and must loose 100% with same gear , I think it's normal lineage 2 except if some forgot it :)
Anyone is free to disagree in general discussion, just open a topic if u feel like that.

Soon more plans.