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Server Rules [In Game].

Here are some Serious Rules you guys have to respect and go by in order not to get yourself Banned.

1-Advertising Other servers in any Way is Bannable.

2- Using 3rd Party programs or anything unfair for the server and the players that try to play normal and enjoy the game will result to a Total HwID/IP/Account/Character Ban and have all his items Removed, take care of this rule , i am a lot experienced on boting and there will be No Second Chance for you.Even 1000 Enria by using 3rd party program is unfair for Our economy and will bring too many problems gradually. Even an Auto clicker will be considered a Bot for us.You are warned, no talking , no explanations,no questions, just Ban and remove you from our server and you will be Noted Down as all of your info for future Log-ins.I am well trained as an Anti bot myself so please give me,give us no reason to get our attention for such a reason.

3-Selling Items on the Black Market [for real cash without our permission] will result to a total DUO ban, buyer and seller !For many reasons and mostly security reasons and secondly for money reasons, after all server needs support to stay alive.Please do not get banned for such a reason, just stay clean and enjoy! All these years many were scammed after a guy offered him * a Halisha +21 for 30 euro, wow what a price,he got scammed and later left. So we will even lose players from this action.Stay clean!

4-Being toxic, aggressive,sarcastic to a Staff member will have a system of 2 Warnings  and 2 actions. 1st Warning to stop and behave. 2nd warning you are getting jailed. 3rd warning you are getting the account banned. 4th Total Ban. After all you will have proved us you are not online to support the server or to enjoy your free time there, you will have proved to us you are there to make our time harder . Stay clean.If you have a problem with a GM in game  send me message directly in forum to solve it out!

5-Abusing a bug in your favor will result to a heavy punishment as well. Report it, help us fix it and you'll get rewarded!Better than getting punished i guess.

6-PvP Feeding will be punished as well.You are not allowed to have a friend or whatever killing and resing him.No PvP Points Feed!

Rules may change in future so you have to stay tuned and take a look time by time. You are responsible for your Own Account and Behavior. We want to keep our players and not make them leave by banning them .Behave,stay clean, enjoy and you will never have a single problem by US!



Forum Rules

1)Do not create accounts with inappropriate names. .Offensive language .Racist Content .Web-links

2)Do not use photographs that contain: .photographs images of pornography .scenes of violence.

3)Make sure that your post is on the right section and it's not repeated(Use search to find answers to your questions.)

4)Do not make posts that contain: .False information,info that prevent players to start on our server(e.g Server is empty,0 action etc.) .Commercial advertising, advertising of other projects,referral links.

5)Before making a post in forum asking for admin's/gm's help , please make sure that you have tried sending us a message on Forums or on the server's Raidcall.


#LetsMakeL2GoldGreatAgain .

Be kind,lets grow a HUGE and HEALTHY community. ENJOY

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