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            Features List!

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            • Rates:

            »Accounts AUTO CREATE! Anti-Bot System : ON

            » Xp 45x.
            » Adena 2000x.
            » PartyXp Only with Low LVL Difference..
            » PartySp look above.
            » Starting character level - 1.

            » Rebirth 3 Times To Obtain 3Rebirth Skills , Rebirths are another way of DYES  ,You can Change your rebirths as you like anytime!.


            • Enchant rates:

            » Safe enchant +3.
            »Max enchant +25. (For more info about enchants, type .info in game.)
            » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 66%.
            » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 66%.


            • Augmentations:

            »Special Custom Augment Manager (Check in game.)

            • L2gold.us Unique Features:

            » Working all castle sieges.
            » A*O*E Zone PI.
            » Balcned Raid Boss Drop System(you have to check in game for more info).
            » Casino event manager.
            » Well worked Economy.
            » Wedding system.
            » 1-80 LVL Exp-Farm Areas.
            » Npc skill enchanter.
            »Till B Grade items are cheap.
            » Craft system : ON(check in game for more info).
            » OLD L2Gold Tattoo's.
            »No SubClasses.
            » Few Quests to make(Check in game for more info).
            » Noblesse By 4 Crowns as always + 1 Quest Item but differently obtained(you have to check in game for more info)..
            » Online password change & Pin Security system.
            » Top Manager in game.
            » Official Monsters and zones as well as Old Mini Raid Boss Sairon.
            » Offline sell&Craft system.
            » Buffs 2Hours + Except Supports.
            » Daily Achievements NPC.
            »Balanced as well as it could be done, also TITAN & BD Reworked(you have to check in game for more info).

            »Resist Buffs will not be Stackable for balance issues.


            • Special L2Gold New Features :


            1. Dungeons, Highly Balanced and use for Several Personal Benefits.Check Shop Area in Giran Harbor to find the NPC.

            For Example :1.1: Faster ExP in Exchange of a X Price.

                                      :1.2: High Chance for a Random Reward in Exchange of a X Price.

                      2.Clan Benefits Acquired After Some custom Events OR Sieges OR Custom System. Benefits May Be : X2 Exp OR : Bonus X Stats OR    X2 Farm Drops OR Higher Chance for L2Gold Weapon from RaidBoss . You will know what to do in case to Acquire Bonus clan Benefits. Don't forget that any member of that clan will be able to use the services .! cool ain't it? :)

                    3. Under DEV : Clan Hall Siege, i'm working for this Feature i hope i manage to a cool creation of such a system.I always liked clan hall sieges , if i manage to create and works perfect with no bugs be sure i will add this feature Too Often!                                              Idea : Several clans participated , they will have to fight each other and Try to kill a well HP Boosted BOSS! The clan who manages to kill It will obtain the clan hall for X Time until next time.

                  4.Augment Custom L2Gold Manager, Forget the casual augmentation , i thought over a very good new system Myself.        Idea: You will Have an NPC with standard Augments for example Duel Might, you will have to pay for the augment X Price and you obtain X chance to get the Augment for good.    Fast example . Duel Might augment requires 10Enria for a chance of 15% ,if it fails you need another 10 Enria to retry! Check here for more info

                 5.Under DEV : Idea with many small-medium Quests with no Limits of times Done.Those Quests will end up to Important prizes you're gonna need to stay stable in our server ,we want to get out of the standard idea 1:Farm:Gear:PvP , we want to give you a reason to relax and enjoy the same time while playing in our server! Again! This is just an idea may take place. Still not added.

               6.Key and Chest system will take place randomly in our server Map, you will have to collect Keys and find Chests in the Areas to open them up and collect the Prizes if you succeed of course! This will help the player take a break of non stop farm and thoughts. It's gonna be a future feature since we wont want to ruin the economy.We will watch the economy first and after that re think of this idea.

            7.Personal Chance to Boost your Main character Status . You will be able to boost your [x][y][z][e] Status by Standard Amount. For Example you will be able to Boost your Speed by maximum 5% OR Hp 7% OR Cp 12% and E.t.c ,of course you will have to work for that, Everyone will have the same chances and amount , so someone can not have Cp Boost 14% while others have 12! It's matter of who plays more and who is the one who is willing to spend more time in our server to gain something from that. After all 5-10% of basics stats won't affect the gameplay that much especially on mass PvP's.

            8.Skill Enchanting will take place by giving your EXP / SP From now and on, if you wonna enchant you must farm EXP/SP points and exchange it to Emma NPC in giran.Prices are calculated and a bit up but the chance is 99% if you are also high level for example 78+ Level.


            9.Special Premium System Donate able ! Since we won't go for Over powered items Donations, we will work with Premium character system,you will have bonus Features. Prices won't be high .More info in game

            10.Achievements NPC Quest Like all Achievements NPC's you will have to do some ''quests'' to obtain the Rewards,some of those will be repeatable ,so you will be able to repeat your Quest and Re gain the Prize.

            11.Custom 100% Working Vote system!More info in game.

            12.Daily Login Reward! Under discussion.











            »Special Sell & buy in Game feature hosted by the ADMINISTRATOR and only by him. <-- SOON INFO.





            Opening around September 21 19:00 Greek Time!






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