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I'm almost done with a new Unique Quest Line for every player.

This Quest line can be completed only once from each player.

When you create a new char you will receive the Proof for First Quest.

Then you can start you quest line.

1st Quest will send you to GC kill 50 monster's and get you apella 55% and the Proof for Second Quest.

2nd Quest will send you again to Gc upstairs (angel's and rest monster's there) to kill 50 monster's and get you Shadow Dreadbane and then kill 1000 and get you real Dreadbane and Proof for 3rd Quest.

3rd Quest will send you to Gc to Giant's monsters. Kill 30 of them and Get 100kk adena, set Crowns, Puple Crown and Proof for Fourth Quest.

4th Quest will send you to High Rate Event to kill 2500 monsters and take your Angelic or Demonic Wings and the Proof of the Fifth Quest.

5th Quest will send you to kill 15 Raid Bosse's and then you will get your Gold Token. 

All Quest can be done only once. Don't abort any Quest or you will not be able to finish the Quest line. When you abort Quest all Quest items are removed so be careful!

On Next Restart Update will be up!

All Quest's will be deleted from players. You have to start all of them again. You are not going to lose any Quest Item.

Existing players will not be able to start the quest line because they don't have the Proof for First Quest. All new players will have it. If someone want to do it on his main char just pm me and i will give it. Im also trying to find out if i can just place one to existing players and solve the problem.


Stay Tuned!

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Hello there!

Issue... I wanted to test from the beggining (1st quest) so I've created a new account... got the Proof item, but when I talk with NPC Drogo, it says that I need to be a level 76 or above.... weird, cause we start as 76. Tried to up a couple of lvls but didnt worked either. 



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