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Dimensional Rift

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Dimensional Rift:
Dimensional Rift is a new style to farm easy and have fun in our project. Any time you join Dimensionla Rift you are able to play maximum 3 rooms. You can stay up to 20 minutes in each room otherwise you will teleporter automatically to another room. You can change room also or you can leave the Rift.
Requirements to join the Rift:
Minimum party of 3 and 1 Dimensional Fragment for each member of the party. Dimensional Fragments droped from Giant's in Giant Cave. Speak to Dimensional Gatekeeper and start the quest, then kill one Giant and you will get 5 Dimensional Fragments. Then Teleport to the Rift and the party Leader can start the Rift.
Teleport from room to room is random and there is a chance to get teleported to a Boss Room.
All drops inside the rift are increased.


I will try to make a video maybe if i have some free time!

Have Fun!

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