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Tournaments [Game play.Rules.Prizes.Info]

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Game play :

Mostly 9Vs9,Every time we may have some New rules for Example : No [x] Class allowed for today!

When Tournaments are going to be with Real cash[Euro/Dollars] prize you will have no second chance to play,it is going to be a Deathmatch Game, win go next, lose get out.

After we collect all teams we will randomly choose your enemy. You win you go to the next phase.

The Reward will be given to your party leader!And not to the members! For example : 100 Euro [maximum prize for now] will be given to your leader and we have no responsibilities of what will follow next between you and him.


Hosted By @=GMTour=Absolute & @Trafic.


Prize :

Daily custom rewards when it's not with Real cash Price, when it's with real cash , the ammount for now will be [25-100Euro/Dollars] you choose.You also can choose how to get paid, we offer Paysafe,Paypal,Skrill,Moneysafe.



No cheats ! Any kind of cheating will result to an instant Kick out situation for you and your party.You will have to follow the Instant daily rules the gm or Admin announces.

You are NOT  allowed to have a toxic player in your party, an AFK player in your party, a player who doesn't listen to the gm/admin.

You are NOT allowed to have players that have been punished with jail/ban/chat ban. So i recommend you have players in your party mostly friends that will not blow your party situation. We give no second chance for that day so don't bother pming us saying you didn't know e.t.c , at that moment no attention will be given to anyone like that.

You will have to message admin 2 days before the Event starts ! 48 HOURS not 46 not 47, 48 Hours deadline before the Event begins. We will try make it as much prof we can .    Example to help you :   Event begins 25 September 20:00 Greek Time?  Your deadline is 23 September 20:00 Greek Time . We will announce The event 7-10 Days before we host it, so you will have plenty of time. No excuses ! Below is the Schedule /calendar, follow it often. Your message must be on forum or Skype   :   gm.trafic , you will recieve a code as a party leader , a code that will be required from you to Join the Tournament! If you don't know english find a friend who does! Don't miss the Tournament.

Message Example : [Leader Party Name ][Each party Name Member] [How you would like to get Paid]

                                             Trafic                                 8+1 Member names                                Paypal


Tournaments may be with B/A/S Grade.You will know everything for the scheduled event 7-10 Days before, what to do and what NOT to do! Good luck i hope you like this Event!


*Friendly note, 1 disHonored player in your party and you will be kicked out for that! disHonored may be 1 player who is toxic,someone who got jailed/banned/chat banned e.t.c , stay clean! We will never cause problems! We are here for you mostly and secondly for us, after all it's a Hobby for me now .


Schedule / Calendar :  Not set yet!






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