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  1. qpi

    About POW/POF/POW W.

    So this means that other buffs like pony/cat/renewal/champion/cov/greater shield-might will also be 1h?
  2. qpi


    actually subs wouldn't be great just because of the boosts you will get on your char. That's why they bringing the old days stuff, a server w/o subs like back in the day.
  3. qpi

    XP zones

    Thanks for the info
  4. qpi

    XP zones

    Should adjust the xp zones somehow, now if you tp and try to kill the mobs that are there you're struggling to kill'em. E.g. Human Wizard lvl 21-22 tps to the xp zone lvl 40 and you just die from mobs cuz they are resisting attacks
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