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  1. Miriam2k18

    About RaidBoss S Grade Drops[VOTE]

    think twice before voting!
  2. Miriam2k18

    About POW/POF/POW W.

  3. Miriam2k18

    Updater doesnt DL data

    Hello zetto, try to reinstall client and download again our patch! Ps: we use no updater!
  4. Miriam2k18

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello valir, thank you for your time , dedication into server i hope aswell the server go very well! Have a good day.
  5. Miriam2k18


    Last time in the server when I used to be a pro sps! Haha don't judge me
  6. Miriam2k18

    Error Login

    Hello infinity a small update for the server opening time , it will open at 21 September 19:00 greek time!
  7. Welcome to L2Gold.us x45 2018... Have a Nice Stay.Don't forget to be Active.