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    Adena (Gold Rush)

    Hello there! Adena is NOT a problem, there is more than one easy way of getting adena, through many places and ways. You're getting around 1.5 milion adena 1 or 2 times in 3 giants, in Giant's Cave, 2nd floor - around 80k for each monster in Giants cave, upstairs - You might also consider farming with a warlord, since there are lots of them and agressive on top of it, same amount of adena dropping on both types of mobs on the 1st Floor of Giants and same story goes for Elven ruins. Not to mention Toi 8-12. FULL of monsters ready to be murdered for your benefit. (it sounds bad, but that's the truth). Having that said, nothing wrong with Adena drops, you're just lazy. (if you're an old player, like myself and many other, you'd know what does it MEAN to farm hard for Adena). Your lovely pal, Obnoxious. Cheers!
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