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  1. CrazyFrenzy

    Adena (Gold Rush)

    Thx for reply, i mean making enria sellable for 5kk but not buyable. Then if u want to buy enria u have to pay as much as ppl want. If u want sell it u can sell for 6,7 or even 15 in private shop and it will works just make it in one way. I hope now u know my point and it wont make enria static price but help to put more adena in server... ofc later u can delete it but now i think server need more adena compare to mantra and enria drop
  2. CrazyFrenzy

    Adena (Gold Rush)

    Hello, I am player of old gold server(C4 files) played about 10 years ago. Now joined this one and really enjoyed it. Nice features and i think server will grow up every day. For these few days of playing and farming, i propose to make exchanger enria-->adena. Like 4-5kk for 1 enria? Becouse of low economy on server the hardest thing to get is adena. Also think epics should be craftable but should be more expensive than wpns. Like 30k each mantra and 500 enria? Solo players checking shops and if they see epics are just from bosses (read for big clans) they instant leave. Its just my opinion. Waiting for reply. See you in game.
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