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  1. =GMTour=Absolute


    Trust me, Trafic is taking into consideration all the suggestions and he implements what people wants most. Though, L2Gold.US is the only server making daily updates and trying to improve everything through people's ideas and needs. Respect Trafic's efforts, and thank you for your time and reports.
  2. =GMTour=Absolute


    -Account Manager. You will be able to change your password In Game,in a simple way as it's shown. -Buffer. Common buffers will give the buffs that are illustraded in the image.Buffs will last 4 Hours.Supports Not Included in the buffer! -Rebirth Manager/System. You will be able to perform a rebirth at level 78.When you perform a rebirth you go directly back to 1Level.You can do max 3 rebirths.Each one gives you 5% of: Guidance,Haste,Health,Mana,Windwalk,Focus,Might,Empower,Shield,Mag.Barrier,Agility,Acumen(you can choose 1).You can totally do 3 rebirths and they are changeable from the Rebirth Manager. -Sandy,Class Changer. First class transfer needs 15 enrias(20lvl),second one 40 enrias(40lvl) and third class 120 enrias(76lvl). -Brand,Low Armor Shop. Here you can buy D,C,B grade armors with adenas. -Robert,High Weapon/Armor. Here you can buy All grades of weapons with a special ability with enrias,except S grade that needs Craft.Also here you can buy with a combination of enrias and mantras A and S grade Armors/Jewls. -Emma,Skill Enchanter. Max skill enchant is +15.You will need EXP and a lot of SP to enchant your skills.It will take you time, but since it's permanent and max +15, you need to put more effort. -Sculpture,TOP RANKS. Top PvP Player,Top pk player,Top PvP Clan and Top RB killer will be shown in this npc.Refresh every Second. -Siege Register. For starters,there will be only Aden and Giran sieges.Then we will add the rest castles.Siege will take place 2 or 3 weeks after the server's opening. *Custom* Resurrection will be able to do without the existance of Clan's flag, so there are more pvps.If community doesnt like this feature we can remove it. -Main Server Shop. In this npc you are able to buy most things (Consumables),craft your armor,Special Custom Systems.Lifestones E.t.c Here you also can buy Custom items eg.Earing Of Kandra in the price of X Raid Boss coins(Each raidboss drops 1 100%) and25xDestruction tombstone(Each raidboss has a chance to drop 1) Dianne,Event Shop Here you can exchange the rewards from the events and get various of things. -Teleporter. This is our global gatekeeper.The main Town of server is Aden/Giran Castle Town and the Shop area And Dungeon NPC is Giran Harbor. Friendly Reminder, we are humans as well , for anything weird or suspicious report it to the administration instantly! For example : D grade weapon requires 200 enrias instead of 10-15. THANKS!
  3. =GMTour=Absolute

    Exp/Farm Guide

    This is the starting area,your inventory includes what is shown in the picture.Kill the gremlins and when you reach lvl 10 move upwards to find stronger mobs.Drops:Adena,Enria,Mana potions.When you reach lvl 20 you are ready to leave by using the Scroll of Escape to Giran Castle Town.First class transfer needs 15 enrias and D grade weapon also 15. The second exp area is LVL20,Ruins of Despair.Drops:Enria,Adena,Mana potions.To get Second class transfer you need 40 enrias and to get a C grade weapon with special ability 35 Enrias. The third exp area is LVL40,Orc Barracks.Drops:Enria,Adena,Mana potions.To get B grade weapon with special ability, 55 Enrias are required. The fourth exp area is LVL60,Tower of Insolence.Drops:Water mantra,Enria,Adena,Mana potion and Craft materials.By moving upwards you will find stronger mobs,which give more exp. L2 GOLD MAIN AREAS The fifth exp/farm area is lvl70,[EF2].Drops:Water mantra,Wind mantra,Enria,Adena,Mana potion,Craft material,60% chance recipes for s grade weapons(ONLY BY SWEEP),High grade lifestones(10 High grade lifestones can be traded for 1 Top grade lifestone in Giran by npc:Main Server Shop).Third class transfer need 120 enrias. The Sixth exp/farm area is lvl80,Elven Fortress[1].Drops:Wind mantra,Fire mantra,Mana potion,Adena,Recipes for s grade weapons and Craftsman Mold(ONLY BY SWEEP). The Seventh farm area is AOE,Primeval Isle.Drops:Water mantra,Wind mantra,Fire Mantra,Silver nugget,Stem,Craft material,Adena. Evreything is under modification and maybe some things will change.Stay tuned and watch if something changes.
  4. =GMTour=Absolute

    Why would you join our tournaments/events?

    Όπως υποσχεθήκαμε, στο gameplay του server μας θα προστεθούν κάποια τουρνουά. Σε πολλούς servers γίνονται άσκοπα events με άχρηστα rewards, μόνο και μόνο για να δείξει το GM team ότι είναι παρών. Το δικό μας GM team έρχεται για να καλύψει τις ανάγκες ενός L2gold παίκτη. Τα "events" αυτά, όχι μόνο θα καλύψουν τα κενά χρόνου ενός παίκτη, αλλά θα του δώσουν ό,τι πραγματικά αυτός αξίζει. Οι ανταμοιβές απ' αυτά τα τουρνουά θα είναι αντικείμενα μέσα στο παιχνίδι, καθώς και πραγματικά χρήματα! Ήρθε η ώρα να βγείτε από την Aden και να δείξετε τι πραγματικά αξίζετε! Αποδείξτε στους αντιπάλους σας ποιός έχει τη καλύτερη ομάδα(clan,cp)! Περισσότερες πληροφορίες σύντομα.... As we promised, we will add some tournaments in our server. In many servers unnecessary events take place with usless rewards, because the GM team wants to show it's presence. Our GM team wants to fullfil L2gold players. Those "events" will really give to the players what they desire and deserve. The rewards from the tournaments will be items in game and real cash! It's the high time to leave Aden and show your enemies your power! Prove to them who has the best team!(clan,cp) More info soon....
  5. =GMTour=Absolute


    Nice to see you also in our server! We are sure you are going to have fun! We will give you privs when you log in raidcall.
  6. =GMTour=Absolute


    Trust us, l2gold.us had last the most. We will try our best so players have the best experiance. We will give you privs when you log in raidcall.
  7. =GMTour=Absolute


    Η επικοινωνία είναι ένας σημαντικός παράγοντας για να κρατήσουμε τη κοινότητα του server μας κοντά.Οι παίκτες θα έρχονται σε επαφή πιο εύκολα,οι gm θα έρχονται πιο εύκολα σε επικοινωνία με το κόσμο. Μπείτε στο RaidCall μας : 14195712 ! Δηλώστε τη clan σας, τον leader με τον sub leader(εδώ σ' αυτό το topic) για να σας φτιάξουμε δικά σας δωμάτια και να σας δώσουμε δικαιώματα! Communication is an important factor to keep close our community.The players will be able to contact easier, gms will be able to communicate easier with the community. Join our RaidCall: 14195712 ! Declare your clan,the leader and the sub leader(in this topic), so we make your own rooms and give your privilages!
  8. Welcome to L2Gold.us x45 2018... Have a Nice Stay.Don't forget to be Active.