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  1. =GM=Strange

    This is the end

    as title says... Server Closed! Ty all for your support.
  2. =GM=Strange

    Quest Line

    After a lot of test's and some changes finally this system is fully working 100% for new players. Old player's that all ready started the quest they will be able to do some quest's that all ready finished second time. but then no more. From now on you can only complete once all Quest on each Character. Download New Patch: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w87sl00zf6kgezk/L2_Gold_Luna_Patch_Version_2.rar/file P.S I was thinking to delete all quest's from all players but no worth it because only some players are on 3rd quest so it's a pity to start again from the begin. Let them take once more the 1st and 2nd reward's its not a big deal. Stay Tuned!
  3. =GM=Strange

    New Quests

    Token fot The Apella & Secret's Treasure Part's Quest's move to Quest Line Npc. Secret's Treasure Part's Quest will ask for 2500 Part's and all Monster's will drop x 1 Part again.
  4. =GM=Strange

    Incoming Updates

    My bad. Fixed!
  5. =GM=Strange

    Incoming Updates

    I'm almost done with a new Unique Quest Line for every player. This Quest line can be completed only once from each player. When you create a new char you will receive the Proof for First Quest. Then you can start you quest line. 1st Quest will send you to GC kill 50 monster's and get you apella 55% and the Proof for Second Quest. 2nd Quest will send you again to Gc upstairs (angel's and rest monster's there) to kill 50 monster's and get you Shadow Dreadbane and then kill 1000 and get you real Dreadbane and Proof for 3rd Quest. 3rd Quest will send you to Gc to Giant's monsters. Kill 30 of them and Get 100kk adena, set Crowns, Puple Crown and Proof for Fourth Quest. 4th Quest will send you to High Rate Event to kill 2500 monsters and take your Angelic or Demonic Wings and the Proof of the Fifth Quest. 5th Quest will send you to kill 15 Raid Bosse's and then you will get your Gold Token. All Quest can be done only once. Don't abort any Quest or you will not be able to finish the Quest line. When you abort Quest all Quest items are removed so be careful! On Next Restart Update will be up! All Quest's will be deleted from players. You have to start all of them again. You are not going to lose any Quest Item. Existing players will not be able to start the quest line because they don't have the Proof for First Quest. All new players will have it. If someone want to do it on his main char just pm me and i will give it. Im also trying to find out if i can just place one to existing players and solve the problem. Stay Tuned!
  6. =GM=Strange

    New Quests

    All monster's inside High Rate Event will drop x2 Secret Treasure Part if you have Secret Treasure Part Quest on. That means you need 2500 monsters to take your wings and not 5000! Stay Tuned!
  7. =GM=Strange

    New Quests

    On Next Restart Shadow Dreadbane Quest will give you with 50 Sealed Mysterious Stone's one Shadow Dreadbane but if you gather 1000 will give you a real Dreadbane! Stay Tuned!
  8. =GM=Strange

    New Quests

    And one Last Quest for now. (after server restart) Start Shadow DreadBane Quest from Event Manager Matilda. Hunt monster's (Warlord's, Triolls's Priest's and Trioll's Believer in Ciant's Cave and collect 50 Sealed Mysterious Stone's. Then to return to Matilda and get you Shadow Dreadbane! Stay Tuned!
  9. =GM=Strange

    New Quests

    I Moved all Quests to Quest Manager Matilda in Aden Town. One Npc, All Quests!! Dimensional Gatekeeper Removed and you can teleport to the Rift from our Gatekeepers in any town. Stay Tuned!
  10. =GM=Strange

    New Quests

    Soon we will add 3 new Quests. 1st Quest will start from Squash High Exp Gatekeeper and when you hunt monsters inside this event you will get an extra item from every monster. When you collect 100 return to Squash High Exp Gatekeeper and trade them for a Silver Token. You can buy any Apella 55% from Mantra Manager with 1 Silver Token. 2nd Quest will start From Ancient Trader Drogo Npc in Aden Town. Will send you kill monsters inside High Rate Event. All monsters will reward you with an extra item. When you Collect 5000 of them return to Ancient Trader Drogo Npc in Aden Town and trade them for Angelic or Demonic Wings (will give you random one of those). 3rd and my best Quest will start from Raid Coin Manager Npc in Aden Town. If you accept his Quest all Raid Bosses will reward you with one Raid Coin. When you have at least 1 Raid Coin Return to Raid Coin Manager Npc in Aden Town and trade it for a Letter. Chance for Letter's is random and when you collect all letter's from word "LII Gold" you can trade the letter's for one Gold Token! Patch Required Stay Tuned!
  11. =GM=Strange

    Updates 24/12/2018

    Server will go down at 15:15 to apply some small changes/fixes. Downtime will be 30 minutes. Lest say maximum one hour. Some changes on Droplist. Some decreased, some increased etc. Fixed Elver Ruins and now for every PvP you earn inside this zone you will get 1 more PvP Reward. This extra item will may change to Event Box soon. We will see. Added all S Grade Weapons With Special Ability on Mantra Manager. Shadow Dreadbane added to Event Shop. Its same with Dreadbane but will disappear after 12 hours. L2Network's site is down so Vote System is not available for now. We Are Up!
  12. =GM=Strange

    Dimensional Rift

    Dimensional Rift: Dimensional Rift is a new style to farm easy and have fun in our project. Any time you join Dimensionla Rift you are able to play maximum 3 rooms. You can stay up to 20 minutes in each room otherwise you will teleporter automatically to another room. You can change room also or you can leave the Rift. Requirements to join the Rift: Minimum party of 3 and 1 Dimensional Fragment for each member of the party. Dimensional Fragments droped from Giant's in Giant Cave. Speak to Dimensional Gatekeeper and start the quest, then kill one Giant and you will get 5 Dimensional Fragments. Then Teleport to the Rift and the party Leader can start the Rift. Teleport from room to room is random and there is a chance to get teleported to a Boss Room. All drops inside the rift are increased. I will try to make a video maybe if i have some free time! Have Fun!
  13. =GM=Strange

    Adena (Gold Rush)

    Ty for you suggestions! I'm not promising something but i will think about it with the rest of my team and we will see. This update will need a new patch too so will need some time! Also about adena if we do this with Enria then Enria's price will be static. I don't know if you understand my point of view. If we say Enria = 5kk for example then we will never see Enria on any private shop. Cu
  14. =GM=Strange

    Server Info

    Download Beta Patch Here: https://dir50.cc/uur2rqkgbh9q When you create a new character you will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower and you will have all the needed items to be able to start playing. Starting level is 76 and you need only to choose your classe's and you are good to go. Maximum level is 85. Your Hp and CP will increased when you level up from 81 to 85 level. Boosted buffers To give buffer classes a fair chance in pvp we have given them higher level selfbuffs. For example: Prophets gets Might Lv 4, Shield Lv 4, Wind Walk Lv 3 and soon. Also Bladedancers and Swordsingers gets higher level selfbuffs. AIO Buffer In every important town, we have placed out AIO Buffers. The buffs last for 1 hour and they are free of charge. Rebirth System Once you reach level 78 you can go to any Major Town and speak with our Rebirth Manager named Selenor. There you can perform a rebirth. Once you have performed the rebirth, you will be deleveled to level 40 and all of your skills will be gone. This also means that you loose your masteries(S, A, B, C, D). So be careful not to enchant any of your skills and then perform the rebirth. You will loose the enchantments. You will recieve a Book of Rebirth, (3 Rebirths=3 Books of Rebirth). Then you can exchange the books of Rebirth with 3 Rebirths from the choises listed bellow. You can perform a maximum of 3 rebirths per character and each skill that you choose can be maximum of level 3. Visit your class trainer in Any Town. You can choose all kinds of different combinations. Rebirth Changer is available too, free of charge. At any time visit our Rebirth Manager and change your Rebirth's. You need to have 3 Rebirth Skill's in order to change your Rebirth's. Sub-Class When you become noblesse you can add Subclass. In order to add Subclass you need a Mimir Elixir. To obtain Mimir's Elixir you need to be lvl 80, be a Noblesse and have Purple Crown that dropped from Flamestone Golem Raid Boss located at Giants Cave. Mimir's Elixir is not consumed when you add any subclass, so you need to obtain it only one time. Subclass will delevel you to 40 level. When you add any Subclass you will get 3 Books of Rebirth and you will be able to choose new Rebirth's for your Subclass. That means that you can have different Rebirth's on each Subclass. If you don't choose your Rebirth's on your Subclass, then you will not be able to change/delete any Subclass. Noblesse In order to become an Noblesse character, you need to have 3 rebirths, be level 85 and have some various items that you can collect from four different Bosses. You need 4 crowns which can be dropped from: Death Lord Hallate Longhorn Golkonda Kernon Shilen's Messenger Cabrio Now, once you have collected those 4 Crowns and you are 3 rebirthed and level 80. You go to Aden Town, and walk up the stairs, toward the church and talk to our Noblesse Manager named Eddy Wally. NPC Global Gatekeeper | RB Informer Armor/Weapon Shop | Misc.Shop NPC Buffer Mantra Manager | Skill Enchanter Achievement Manager | PK Cleaner Event Shop | Olympiad Manager Wedding Manager | Rebirth Manager Clan Hall Manager | Issue Reporter Class Changer | Noblesse Manager Olympiad Games Retail olympiad game Competition period 1 week Hero Every Sunday 24:00 Olympiad start time 18:00 Olympiad end time 19:00 Olympiad reuse your skills after match Validation Day: Monday (No Oly) Mantra Manager - Refining Armor's You can Refine Any S grade Armor into Apella. To Make Any Apella Armor you need Any S Grade Armor and : 445 Water Mantra 445 Wind Mantra 155 Fire Mantra 12 Enria 5.000.000 Adena Its only 1 Refine to make Apella 55%. Then you can Refine Apella from 55% to 75% and 100% with Materials Again. When you make Apella 100% you can Refine it to L2 Gold Apella.Here the list of the materials needed to Refine L2 Gold Apella: From Apella 55 % to Apella 100 % 35000 Wind Mantra 35000 Water Mantra 20000 Fire Mantra 260 Enria 600.000.000 Adena From Apella 100 % to L2 Gold Apella: 250 Enria 20000 Wind Mantra 20000 Water Mantra 12500 Fire Mantra 5 Gold Rush P.S. Game Style and Farm Style will may changed. Crafting System Recipes for L2 Gold Weapons and Shields added in High Rate Event. Enchant System Rates for Blessed Enchant Weapon Scrolls S Grade are until +12 75%, +13 & +14 60%, +15 40% and for +16 25%. Crystal Scroll S Grade (if enchant failed weapon will not lose the enchant). Rates until +10 75% and from +10 to +16 20%. Achievement Engine Visit our Achievement Manager and check your tasks. Every task have different reward. When you complete all tasks you will get a Gold Token. Then visit our Gold Token Trader to choose your L2 Gold Item. Dimensional Rift You need to be in a party of 3 or more and everyone have 1 Dimensional Fragment. To obtain Dimensional Fragments visit our Dimensional Rift Gatekeeper and start the Quest. This Quest will send you to Elven Fortress to kill some Giant's. When you get those Fragments return to our Dimensional Rift Gatekeeper and port to the Rift. When all party members are there and everyone have at least 1 Dimensional Fragment, the leader can speak to Rift Post Hero and move the party into the Rift. Port is random with a chance for a Boss Room. Leader can change room only once otherwise you can stay max 20 minutes in one room and then you will teleported automatically. If you want to leave just give up. Hp and Drops are increased on mobs inside the Rift. Quest for Crystal Scroll's Quest starts in Imperial Tomb . Talk to the NPC in Imperial Tomb 1 and start the quest. Then kill mobs in Imperial Tomb and collect the materials you need to exchange with Crystal Scroll's. Reward is 1x Crystal Enchant Armor S/Crystal Enchant Weapon S, and it's repeatable. Black Marketer. This Npc will Spawn once every 24 hours in Aden and will sell unique items. Items will change every 3-4 days. This Npc will stay up for 1 hour. L2 Gold Weapons/Shields Crafting System. Recipes droped inside High Rate Event. Events Squash High Exp - No Grade Gear Only Dark Omen High Rate - Boosted farm TvT every 1 Hour - Rewards 10 PvP Award and 1 Event Box Trivia Event every 1 hour - Reward 1 Event Box Our Lineage II Gold Items Necklaces: Neclace of Valakas Necklace of Brakki Necklace of Hekaton Necklace of Naga Necklace of Frintezza Tateossian Necklase 55 to 100% Earrings: Earring of Garacsia Earring of Ipos Earring of Falston Earring of Vermilion Earring of Von Helman Earring of Kandra Earing of Antharas Earing of Zaken Earing of Orfen Earing of Ember Tateossian Earing 55 to 100% Rings: Ring of Shadith Ring of Mos Ring of Horuth Ring of Tayr Ring of Ant Queen Ring of Baium Ring of Core Tateossian Ring 55 to 100% Weapons: Bow: Bow of Halisha Mages: Lady's Fan Dusk Staff Dusk Sword Polearms: Dreadbane Axe of Ketra Dual Swords: Crokian Blade*Crokian Blade Doll Knife*Doll Knife Daggers: Doll Knife Giant Trident One Hand Swords: Crokian Blade Sword of Apostle Two Hand Sword: Sword of Vampire Blunts: Cudgel Doom Crusher Fists: Unitus Fists Shields: Dusk Shield Shield of Reflect Shield of Evasion Armors: Apella 55% - 100% L2 Gold Apella Misc: Silver Circlet (100 m.def) Gold Circlet (100 p.def) Angelic and Demonic Wings (+10 Speed) Goddess Hairstyle's (+3 Speed & 500% HP Regen) Valkyrie Cap (+100 p.atck +100 m.atck)
  15. Welcome to L2GOLD.US OFFICIAL WEB. Have a Nice Stay.Don't forget to be Active.