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  1. AccuSync

    Balance Reports [ Opened Topic]

    Overlord is Overpowered.Simply here never dies,debuffs have high chances and he drains like a vampire lol
  2. AccuSync

    About POW/POF/POW W.

    I would suggest 3rd party buffs to be retail like or boost em up to 5 mins max.
  3. AccuSync

    Banned for?

    How soon mate?I was farming with clan members in EF.Also i couldn't open 3rd client,when i was on server selection screen at 3rd client got the message about reaching the max clients.
  4. AccuSync

    Banned for?

    Well,if i disrespected you im more than sorry for this,maybe i got pissed off because i couldnt open 3rd client.But you see that im here and im reporting all the issues i find.You nerfed raid bosses after i've tried to raid.I reported this to you also.And about other things that i can't remember.Ban is all i deserve after all?
  5. AccuSync

    Banned for?

    You gave me HWID ban for?Which reason,reporting problems or what i think is wrong from my side?Im here since the opening and this is your treatment?By telling me to fuck off and ban?Thanks mate.
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