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  1. Krssgg

    Problem with GAMEGUARD

    or he shouldnt run an executable that uses a 3rd party antibot which isnt open source. There are a few posts about smartguard and how it operates.False positives or not,its idiotic to play in a server which uses it.
  2. Krssgg


    LOL who the fck are u and why would u quote me with a "PR post"?LOL #FailFish
  3. Krssgg


    ----Yea sure.Each guy has his own personal taste on some stuff but that doesnt change the fact its 2018 and Lineage is outdated.Expecting from people to grind is somewhat questionable.I have already said in other topics/forums the same thing ,so even if i m repetitive i m sorry: Why do u(plural) expect a decent/high activity in ur server when its farm based one?Why would u expect people to spend like 50h of grinding?50h of grinding is an outdated number that happened back then when we had free time.In the same amount of time,u can make a full walkthrough in a AAA videogame. Also,i m pretty sure that people will tilt less if they know exactly whats the enchant rate.I m saying this obvious thing because most of the l2gold servers tend to tweak numbers after the grand opening (avellan died for this Kappa). ---- Yea sure.Ur server's name is L2Gold and u advertise ur server as Welcome To Lineage2 OFFICIAL Private Gold Server. (I know about the L2 Platinum,dont waste time using that excuse.I m talking about the current site/the current name/the current advertisement/current trademark) ---- U should focus more on what happens into ur own server because take for granted things like those,means that ur setup is the same.I can mention several examples of unbalance in classes and armors in the last 3 l2gold servers (biz,in,cc) but that will be waste of time.Most of the servers are sh1t because most of the admins are sh1t.As a result,the community became sh1t with sh1t attitude.Why is that though?Admins tend to blame the community but i m pretty sure that u know ,l2gold community wasnt like this until 13'.The reality is,the original gold closed and all those retarded admins appeared in order to milk the L2Gold trademark with their sh1tty files.Thats why community became toxic.If there is someone to blame,blame Avellan and every retarded admin who used a trancepack. ---- Sure the crappy server probably has more activity than u.Why though?There are several reasons why .Some food for thought: Which is the last L2Gold server that succeeded,even for a while?In this mess,the last server i recall is L2-Gold (Siqma's C4). Except from the DDoS part and some (glitchy) C4 geodata stuff,the server was fine with very decent files but unskilled developers.After a few epics,they introduced a nice B grade event that NOONE ever had in his server.U could easily make 80 pvps and above all: u could have fun. Why most of the gold servers failed in the last 2-3 years?The concept is pretty much the same farming the same thing with the same way for a decent armor.Then with luck u get the weapon too.There is zero solo PvP in every single server in the last 4 years. About the low activity: U are probably the only guy who says "i m the X guy from the original server" and the rest of the people hide themselves ashamed. Probably,clan leaders get paid for joining / get % for donations of clan members etc. U might have better files than others but u arent creative enough to change concept or even client at this point. Its not that cc has more people than u.Most of the people aden are either logged out (fake online creation) but stuck either afk shops.If u remove the dual boxes too,its -2 digit number- online counter. U should compare apples with oranges.Focus on ur own project (orange paragraph above).Dont focus on the admin's perspective only.Try to check things out from player's too
  4. Krssgg


    Hopefully L2Gold admins will jump from the "Hard Farm Go Pro" ship and they will create a PvP based server with more difficult enchant. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to exp 4 times a single char on 2018 but wait... 3 l2gold servers have opened since August and every single one of them cant get a decent online.Noone takes notes.Thats sad,especially for people who actually spend time and money and they actually spend time being online in the server.
  5. Krssgg


    2013 is way too late... i have been hearing that bullshit since 2009~
  6. Krssgg

    Hey there, If you are New on the forum you MUST check this.

    I wonder whose idea is the "low rate" tho... Its 2k18,we are talking about a videogame that doesnt have a single update in the concept/char textures since the release of the chronicle and u are talking about a "low rate gameplay". Also,we are talking about 1)a videogame with unfun grinding that can be done with bots and 2) a videogame which has way too many servers with the same concept (pvp/farm siege) but different setup. The first thing that comes to my mind when i see a new server is : How many hours until i get a decent pvp gear so i can have some fun? After that i estimate with +/- 10 hours and i consider if its worth grinding or not (Legit Player TM) and if i can actually complete a full walkthrough into a AAA videogame in those hours. Its really idiotic to believe the low rate will increase the lifespan of the server.Players tend to quit anyway after the dragonic-db fraps and after 2-3 epic raids.They wont grind anyway even with bot. Its really huge discussion...12312312 l2gold servers have closed.Its 2k18 and people cant even analyze what went wrong and what actually worked,so they can keep it/add it to their new server.(Same goes for the other devs).Example:Just holy sh1t how bad someone has to be to not add a fcking B grade pvp arena AllvsAll. This post is bigger than i thought and no matter the size it will never be enough.
  7. Welcome to Community.. Have a Nice Stay.Don't forget to be Active.