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              GRAND OPENING 21 SEPTEMBER 19:00 GREEK TIME! BE THERE! Hey everyone i hope you enjoyed summer time . Time for some Lineage 2 Gold i guess, so! -> After few calculations The opening will be Definitely This September 19+ (19-30) . What i Expect From you ? ->Let know people you think they would play Our style and generally spread the word we are Opening this September. ->Stay online in Forums, it helps.Also ''force'' your clan mates/friends to create an account, we will make some nice Forum Events with some Nice Prizes. About BETA. If Beta takes place it will take place for few days and some days before the Opening. why? ->People care mostly to enchant, kill some mobs get some free gear and log out till the Opening. You will know about the exact Date of the Opening by 10th September. Any Kind of Help is Welcomed! Server will have tiny issues but as always we will find a solution Fast.Of course you can private message me to say your Opinion about a system or a class or an Idea In game ,if it's Decent and fair i will make a Poll to check others Opinion and later Act. Approx People willing to Join for now = 120-230. I like to keep the head Down, perhaps more will come the first day but i like working to the lowest idea first. Thanks and Cya soon! Call your friends,let's have a nice winter,we'll try our best,I will Private Facebook group 400 PEOPLE + join us! Our Facebook Page , Like us! **Are you still Looking for an Event GM? -Yes i am , so if you think you can handle Private message me and text me your story. **I want to become a server supporter, how can i? -Well , if you are online a lot and you help on topics then i will promote you to a higher rank . **Will Donators have a Donator rank in forum? -Yes of course but they have to ask for it , sometimes they want to stay Hidden. Share us!.
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              Server Rules [In Game]. Here are some Serious Rules you guys have to respect and go by in order not to get yourself Banned. 1-Advertising Other servers in any Way is Bannable. 2- Using 3rd Party programs or anything unfair for the server and the players that try to play normal and enjoy the game will result to a Total HwID/IP/Account/Character Ban and have all his items Removed, take care of this rule , i am a lot experienced on boting and there will be No Second Chance for you.Even 1000 Enria by using 3rd party program is unfair for Our economy and will bring too many problems gradually. Even an Auto clicker will be considered a Bot for us.You are warned, no talking , no explanations,no questions, just Ban and remove you from our server and you will be Noted Down as all of your info for future Log-ins.I am well trained as an Anti bot myself so please give me,give us no reason to get our attention for such a reason. 3-Selling Items on the Black Market [for real cash without our permission] will result to a total DUO ban, buyer and seller !For many reasons and mostly security reasons and secondly for money reasons, after all server needs support to stay alive.Please do not get banned for such a reason, just stay clean and enjoy! All these years many were scammed after a guy offered him * a Halisha +21 for 30 euro, wow what a price,he got scammed and later left. So we will even lose players from this action.Stay clean! 4-Being toxic, aggressive,sarcastic to a Staff member will have a system of 2 Warnings and 2 actions. 1st Warning to stop and behave. 2nd warning you are getting jailed. 3rd warning you are getting the account banned. 4th Total Ban. After all you will have proved us you are not online to support the server or to enjoy your free time there, you will have proved to us you are there to make our time harder . Stay clean.If you have a problem with a GM in game send me message directly in forum to solve it out! 5-Abusing a bug in your favor will result to a heavy punishment as well. Report it, help us fix it and you'll get rewarded!Better than getting punished i guess. 6-PvP Feeding will be punished as well.You are not allowed to have a friend or whatever killing and resing him.No PvP Points Feed! Rules may change in future so you have to stay tuned and take a look time by time. You are responsible for your Own Account and Behavior. We want to keep our players and not make them leave by banning them .Behave,stay clean, enjoy and you will never have a single problem by US! Forum Rules 1)Do not create accounts with inappropriate names. .Offensive language .Racist Content .Web-links 2)Do not use photographs that contain: .photographs images of pornography .scenes of violence. 3)Make sure that your post is on the right section and it's not repeated(Use search to find answers to your questions.) 4)Do not make posts that contain: .False information,info that prevent players to start on our server(e.g Server is empty,0 action etc.) .Commercial advertising, advertising of other projects,referral links. 5)Before making a post in forum asking for admin's/gm's help , please make sure that you have tried sending us a message on Forums or on the server's Raidcall. Be kind,lets grow a HUGE and HEALTHY community. ENJOY
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              Rates: »Accounts AUTO CREATE! Anti-Bot System : ON » Xp 45x. » Adena 2000x. » PartyXp Only with Low LVL Difference.. » PartySp look above. » Starting character level - 1. » Rebirth 3 Times To Obtain 3Rebirth Skills , Rebirths are another way of DYES ,You can Change your rebirths as you like anytime!. Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +3. »Max enchant +25. (For more info about enchants, type .info in game.) » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 66%. » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 66%. Augmentations: »Special Custom Augment Manager (Check in game.) L2gold.us Unique Features: » Working all castle sieges. » A*O*E Zone PI. » Balcned Raid Boss Drop System(you have to check in game for more info). » Casino event manager. » Well worked Economy. » Wedding system. » 1-80 LVL Exp-Farm Areas. » Npc skill enchanter. »Till B Grade items are cheap. » Craft system : ON(check in game for more info). » OLD L2Gold Tattoo's. »No SubClasses. » Few Quests to make(Check in game for more info). » Noblesse By 4 Crowns as always + 1 Quest Item but differently obtained(you have to check in game for more info).. » Online password change & Pin Security system. » Top Manager in game. » Official Monsters and zones as well as Old Mini Raid Boss Sairon. » Offline sell&Craft system. » Buffs 2Hours + Except Supports. » Daily Achievements NPC. »Balanced as well as it could be done, also TITAN & BD Reworked(you have to check in game for more info). »Resist Buffs will not be Stackable for balance issues. Special L2Gold New Features : Dungeons, Highly Balanced and use for Several Personal Benefits.Check Shop Area in Giran Harbor to find the NPC. For Example :1.1: Faster ExP in Exchange of a X Price. :1.2: High Chance for a Random Reward in Exchange of a X Price. 2.Clan Benefits Acquired After Some custom Events OR Sieges OR Custom System. Benefits May Be : X2 Exp OR : Bonus X Stats OR X2 Farm Drops OR Higher Chance for L2Gold Weapon from RaidBoss . You will know what to do in case to Acquire Bonus clan Benefits. Don't forget that any member of that clan will be able to use the services .! cool ain't it? 3. Under DEV : Clan Hall Siege, i'm working for this Feature i hope i manage to a cool creation of such a system.I always liked clan hall sieges , if i manage to create and works perfect with no bugs be sure i will add this feature Too Often! Idea : Several clans participated , they will have to fight each other and Try to kill a well HP Boosted BOSS! The clan who manages to kill It will obtain the clan hall for X Time until next time. 4.Augment Custom L2Gold Manager, Forget the casual augmentation , i thought over a very good new system Myself. Idea: You will Have an NPC with standard Augments for example Duel Might, you will have to pay for the augment X Price and you obtain X chance to get the Augment for good. Fast example . Duel Might augment requires 10Enria for a chance of 15% ,if it fails you need another 10 Enria to retry! Check here for more info 5.Under DEV : Idea with many small-medium Quests with no Limits of times Done.Those Quests will end up to Important prizes you're gonna need to stay stable in our server ,we want to get out of the standard idea 1:Farm:Gear:PvP , we want to give you a reason to relax and enjoy the same time while playing in our server! Again! This is just an idea may take place. Still not added. 6.Key and Chest system will take place randomly in our server Map, you will have to collect Keys and find Chests in the Areas to open them up and collect the Prizes if you succeed of course! This will help the player take a break of non stop farm and thoughts. It's gonna be a future feature since we wont want to ruin the economy.We will watch the economy first and after that re think of this idea. 7.Personal Chance to Boost your Main character Status . You will be able to boost your [x][y][z][e] Status by Standard Amount. For Example you will be able to Boost your Speed by maximum 5% OR Hp 7% OR Cp 12% and E.t.c ,of course you will have to work for that, Everyone will have the same chances and amount , so someone can not have Cp Boost 14% while others have 12! It's matter of who plays more and who is the one who is willing to spend more time in our server to gain something from that. After all 5-10% of basics stats won't affect the gameplay that much especially on mass PvP's. 8.Skill Enchanting will take place by giving your EXP / SP From now and on, if you wonna enchant you must farm EXP/SP points and exchange it to Emma NPC in giran.Prices are calculated and a bit up but the chance is 99% if you are also high level for example 78+ Level. 9.Special Premium System Donate able ! Since we won't go for Over powered items Donations, we will work with Premium character system,you will have bonus Features. Prices won't be high .More info in game 10.Achievements NPC Quest Like all Achievements NPC's you will have to do some ''quests'' to obtain the Rewards,some of those will be repeatable ,so you will be able to repeat your Quest and Re gain the Prize. 11.Custom 100% Working Vote system!More info in game. 12.Daily Login Reward! Under discussion. »Special Sell & buy in Game feature hosted by the ADMINISTRATOR and only by him. <-- SOON INFO.
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              Grand opening 21 September 19:00 Greek Time.
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              Updated , Important : Read
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              sever will have beta ?thanks you!
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              Hey, Yeah , i think beta will take place around 12-15 September. Still not a date is given for the Beta phase but we need it only for 2-3 days so we avoid critical problems in Live game such as a farm are leak or class bugs. we checked it many times but we need players to check it a bit more! We wait ya all !
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              Game play : Mostly 9Vs9,Every time we may have some New rules for Example : No [x] Class allowed for today! When Tournaments are going to be with Real cash[Euro/Dollars] prize you will have no second chance to play,it is going to be a Deathmatch Game, win go next, lose get out. After we collect all teams we will randomly choose your enemy. You win you go to the next phase. The Reward will be given to your party leader!And not to the members! For example : 100 Euro [maximum prize for now] will be given to your leader and we have no responsibilities of what will follow next between you and him. Hosted By : @=GMTour=Absolute & @Trafic. Prize : Daily custom rewards when it's not with Real cash Price, when it's with real cash , the ammount for now will be [25-100Euro/Dollars] you choose.You also can choose how to get paid, we offer Paysafe,Paypal,Skrill,Moneysafe. Rules: No cheats ! Any kind of cheating will result to an instant Kick out situation for you and your party.You will have to follow the Instant daily rules the gm or Admin announces. You are NOT allowed to have a toxic player in your party, an AFK player in your party, a player who doesn't listen to the gm/admin. You are NOT allowed to have players that have been punished with jail/ban/chat ban. So i recommend you have players in your party mostly friends that will not blow your party situation. We give no second chance for that day so don't bother pming us saying you didn't know e.t.c , at that moment no attention will be given to anyone like that. You will have to message admin 2 days before the Event starts ! 48 HOURS not 46 not 47, 48 Hours deadline before the Event begins. We will try make it as much prof we can . Example to help you : Event begins 25 September 20:00 Greek Time? Your deadline is 23 September 20:00 Greek Time . We will announce The event 7-10 Days before we host it, so you will have plenty of time. No excuses ! Below is the Schedule /calendar, follow it often. Your message must be on forum or Skype : gm.trafic , you will recieve a code as a party leader , a code that will be required from you to Join the Tournament! If you don't know english find a friend who does! Don't miss the Tournament. Message Example : [Leader Party Name ][Each party Name Member] [How you would like to get Paid] Trafic 8+1 Member names Paypal Tournaments may be with B/A/S Grade.You will know everything for the scheduled event 7-10 Days before, what to do and what NOT to do! Good luck i hope you like this Event! *Friendly note, 1 disHonored player in your party and you will be kicked out for that! disHonored may be 1 player who is toxic,someone who got jailed/banned/chat banned e.t.c , stay clean! We will never cause problems! We are here for you mostly and secondly for us, after all it's a Hobby for me now . Schedule / Calendar : Not set yet! Winners.
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              Updated! Estimated Update again before the Opening! Follow this topic !!!
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              Version Gamerborder 3GB Interlude Cliea


              C6 Interlude Client Download 3GB.
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              Clubs Enabled, you can have your Own club with friends .
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              Opening September 21 19:00 Greek TIME!
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              Announcements / Updates After Each Planned Restart. When Server Goes live.
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              Salut care este in cautare sa facem un clan de romani si european in acelasi timp ?
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              Όπως υποσχεθήκαμε, στο gameplay του server μας θα προστεθούν κάποια τουρνουά. Σε πολλούς servers γίνονται άσκοπα events με άχρηστα rewards, μόνο και μόνο για να δείξει το GM team ότι είναι παρών. Το δικό μας GM team έρχεται για να καλύψει τις ανάγκες ενός L2gold παίκτη. Τα "events" αυτά, όχι μόνο θα καλύψουν τα κενά χρόνου ενός παίκτη, αλλά θα του δώσουν ό,τι πραγματικά αυτός αξίζει. Οι ανταμοιβές απ' αυτά τα τουρνουά θα είναι αντικείμενα μέσα στο παιχνίδι, καθώς και πραγματικά χρήματα! Ήρθε η ώρα να βγείτε από την Aden και να δείξετε τι πραγματικά αξίζετε! Αποδείξτε στους αντιπάλους σας ποιός έχει τη καλύτερη ομάδα(clan,cp)! Περισσότερες πληροφορίες σύντομα.... As we promised, we will add some tournaments in our server. In many servers unnecessary events take place with usless rewards, because the GM team wants to show it's presence. Our GM team wants to fullfil L2gold players. Those "events" will really give to the players what they desire and deserve. The rewards from the tournaments will be items in game and real cash! It's the high time to leave Aden and show your enemies your power! Prove to them who has the best team!(clan,cp) More info soon....
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              Clan name: BloodLust Clan Leader: TheDarknessFear or BiatchPlease (same guy) Sub-Leaders: SgOx - Bsun - Khaleesi Estimated members: 2-3 Parties (hopefully) Nice to see L2Gold.us is back! Some videos of me on this server : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJvZM2j5_eM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuswpuPBEMI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuR47LuMcTM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UU1fz-yGJU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lWORrsAeqs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2eR19q3oEQ See you in-game! Peace & War
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              Trust us, l2gold.us had last the most. We will try our best so players have the best experiance. We will give you privs when you log in raidcall.
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              UNITED clan will join with 2 to 3 parties. Clan leader CantBeSTOPPED. I wish the server doesn't disappoint us :) Our last time on l2gold.us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4-sVZf4RRs The last time we played l2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciR6SIl4Kq0
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              Hey! Have some patience untill more Romanians join the community as far as i know they are arround 20-35% of the community the last 5 years.
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              Hey, an Extra Raid boss area [Closed Area] only for ?Those Raids will be low LvL In a closed Area so high geared and high level won't be able to destroy the LOW Geared PvP experience :) vote!
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