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Features List!

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  • Rates:

» Xp 45x.
» Sp 45x.
» Adena 2000x.
» PartyXp Only with Low LVL Difference..
» PartySp look above.
» Starting character level - 1.

» Rebirth 2 Times To Obtain 3Rebirth Skills , Rebirths are another way of DYES  ,You can Change your rebirths as you like anytime!.


  • Enchant rates:

» Safe enchant +3.
»Max enchant +25. (For more info about enchants, type .info in game.)
» Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80-85%.
» Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 100%.


  • Augmentations:

» High life stone skill chance - 10%.

» Top life stone skill chance - 20%.


»Special Custom Augment Manager (Check in game.)

  • Unique Features:

» Working all castle sieges.
» Stackable scrolls, lifestones.
» A*O*E Zone PI.
» Balcned Raid Boss Drop System(you have to check in game for more info).
» Casino event manager.
» Well worked Economy.
» Wedding system.
» 1-80 LVL Exp-Farm Areas.
» Npc skill enchanter.
»Till B Grade items are cheap.
» Craft system : ON(check in game for more info).
» OLD L2Gold Tattoo's.
»No SubClasses.
» Few Quests to make(Check in game for more info).
» Noblesse By 4 Crowns as always but differently obtained(you have to check in game for more info)..
» Online password change & Pin Security system.
» Top Manager in game.
» Official Monsters and zones as well as Old Mini Raid Boss Sairon.
» Offline sell&Craft system.
» Buffs 2Hours + Except Supports.
» Daily Achievements NPC.
»Balanced as well as it could be done, also TITAN & BD Reworked(you have to check in game for more info).


  • Special L2Gold New Features :

» In Game Tournaments with Real Cash Prices, perhaps every 15 Days Or Monthly.More info Soon.

»Special Sell & buy in Game feature hosted by the ADMINISTRATOR and only by him.

» 1 Month before the grand opening i will add more features, still working on a lot stuff.




Opening around September 15-30.




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