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      Welcome.   05/08/2018

      Welcome Everyone, This is going to be a MID ''low'' Rate server so it lasts a lot. Some L2GOLD custom Items+Systems so L2Gold lovers join As well. SRV:  solo EXP mostly,Quests,Craft by recipe and by NPC,Dungeons,we will keep it Low gear, no High enchants. NO DONATIONS. Share us.


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  1. He is kinda right, grinding in lineage has become boring after all those years. (not only farming tbh). I would suggest a server that doesn't exist so far but no point in doing it since you made up your mind about going low rate
  2. i would be pretty darn happy if you would re-open the 2014-15 version of gold.us(the one with the ctf in cruma) without changing a single thing . Balanced,all skills were fine,fights were nice. Excluding minor stuff,It was overall a nice server. I, at least, loved that server. with a few tweaks and some ideas , it would please everyone.
  3. Welcome to L2Gold.us Community.. Have a Nice Stay.Don't forget to be Active.