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      Welcome.   05/08/2018

      Welcome Everyone, This is going to be a MID ''low'' Rate server so it lasts a lot. Some L2GOLD custom Items+Systems so L2Gold lovers join As well. SRV:  solo EXP mostly,Quests,Craft by recipe and by NPC,Dungeons,we will keep it Low gear, no High enchants. NO DONATIONS. Share us.


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    I wonder whose idea is the "low rate" tho... Its 2k18,we are talking about a videogame that doesnt have a single update in the concept/char textures since the release of the chronicle and u are talking about a "low rate gameplay". Also,we are talking about 1)a videogame with unfun grinding that can be done with bots and 2) a videogame which has way too many servers with the same concept (pvp/farm siege) but different setup. The first thing that comes to my mind when i see a new server is : How many hours until i get a decent pvp gear so i can have some fun? After that i estimate with +/- 10 hours and i consider if its worth grinding or not (Legit Player TM) and if i can actually complete a full walkthrough into a AAA videogame in those hours. Its really idiotic to believe the low rate will increase the lifespan of the server.Players tend to quit anyway after the dragonic-db fraps and after 2-3 epic raids.They wont grind anyway even with bot. Its really huge discussion...12312312 l2gold servers have closed.Its 2k18 and people cant even analyze what went wrong and what actually worked,so they can keep it/add it to their new server.(Same goes for the other devs).Example:Just holy sh1t how bad someone has to be to not add a fcking B grade pvp arena AllvsAll. This post is bigger than i thought and no matter the size it will never be enough.