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Latest update

12th June 2017

Welcome to the biggest and most adventurous L2Gold style server!
Please visit our Facebook page to vote for the latest updates!

We're trying to decide our next PvP Zone and we need your help!
Have a wonderful day.

[GM]TR the Grayman



New website

11 June 2017

We've got a new an updated website since 11th of June 2017. We would like to thank you for your support and enthusiasm to keep us up and running!
Bring your friends and make sure to have fun!


Lineage 2 Platinum features



  • quest rate - 1-3x drop 1x reward
  • RB drop - 5x
  • safe enchant - +3
  • max enchant - +19
  • Armor max enchant +9
  • Rebirth system
  • Custom Raidbosses
  • Custom events
  • Special PvP System

Class transfers, GM shop, buffer,raids,info

  • Free Classes
  • GM Shop with Special L2Gold weapons
  • 3 Times Rebirth
  • 3 subclasses
  • Main Support Buffs on Buffer
  • Combat Zone for most of the Epic Raid Bosses
  • Custom raids with 40% rate for LIIGold Weapons
  • 70% Total chance with Blessed until +16 weapon

Heroes, sieges, TWs,zones

  • heroes every saturday
  • sieges every two weeks
  • auto events every 300 minutes
  • Custom pvp zones with extra pvp rewards

Protection against botting

  • Premium SGuard(L2-Scripts) blocks cheating, bots and abusive players

How to easily connect

In order to connect to the L2Platinum server, please follow these steps.


Direct download

2. DOWNLOAD L2Platinum Updater

Mirror #1

3. DOWNLOAD L2Platinum Patch

Mirror #1

4. Delete your old system from Lineage 2 Directory
(Default directory is C:/Program Files/NCSoft/Lineage II)
5. Place our Updater or extract it in the same Lineage 2 Directory!
6. Accounts are registered automaticaly, just write your account and login.
7. Start the Game from the updater every time.

8. Have fun playing on Lineage II Platinum!

Flag Counter

Before your try logging on L2Platinum server make sure you have uninstalled and deleted ALL your 3rd party programs/bots etc. otherwise the system will autoban your HWID and you will not be able to play on our server.